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Reater the s wave by ≥1. 0 mv, it was right-sided; otherwise, it was left-sided (p < 0. 0001, sensitivity 100%, specificity 97%). Right-sided pathways. If the qrs transition was between leads v2 and v3, the pathway was right septal; if after lead v4, it was right lateral. buying viagra online without prescription is viagra a prescription drug viagra without a prescription us viagra no prescription viagra prescription australia online viagra prescription viagra in canada without prescription sweet-vibrations.com/tkj-viagra-without-doctors-prescription-vp/ viagra online usa no prescription generic viagra no doctor prescriptions If it was between leads v3 and v4, then if the delta wave amplitude in lead ii was ≥1. 0 mv, it was right septal; otherwise, it was right lateral (p < 0. 0001, sensitivity 97% specificity 95%). In right lateral locations, if the delta wave frontal axis was ≥0 â°, or if it was <0 â° but the r wave amplitude in lead iii was ≥0 mv, it was anterolateral; otherwise, it was pesterolateral (p < 0. 0001, sensitivity 100%, specificity 87. 3%). Anteroseptal pathways had two or more positive delta waves in leads ii, iii and avf (p < 0. 0001, sensitivity 100%, specificity 100%). Postereseptal pathways (two or more negative inferior lead delta waves) were less well discriminated from right midseptal pathways (inferior wave sum ≤1≥−1) (p < 0. 0001, sensitivity 76. 5%, specificity 71%). Leftsided pathway. Two or more positive delta waves in the inferior leads or the presence of an s wave amplitude in lead avl greater than the r wave, or both, discriminated left anterolateral pathways from posterior pathways (p < 0. 001, sensitivity and specificity 100%). If the r wave in lead i was greater than the s wave by ≥0. 8 mv, and the sum of inferior delta wave polarities was negative, the location was posteroseptal; otherwise, it was posterolateral (p < 0. 05, sensitivity 71. 4%, specificity 100%). Conclusions. Using the algorithm derived, a right-sided accessory pathway can be reliably distinguished from one that is left-sided, right free wall from right septal, right anterolateral from posterolateral and anteroseptal from other right septal pathways. Left anterolateral pathways can be distinguished from left posterior pathways and left posterolateral pathways from left posteroseptal pathways. References abstract | references 1 + jackman â wm, xunzhang â w, friday â kj; â et al. â catheter ablation of accessory atr. Also available as a limited edition giclee print for $100 + tax and shipping

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